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Submission of Second Set of Case Studies Required:

The same horse will be photographically documented, charted, and Vet Evaluation Form as before, upon its
next annual evaluation/ scheduled maintenance exam.

Exception:  If any of the horses in your case studies pass away before your next maintenance visit, please submit a written statement from the owner. We will only excuse 2 cases that were submitted with your first set of case studies.

Additions:  If any of the horses submitted in your first case studies were referred to another clinic for further dental evaluations or procedures, IF POSSIBLE BUT NOT REQUIRED, include documentation from owner describing the diagnosis and treatment procedure.

The second set of 4 cases will be reviewed by the same evaluation team within 60 days. The candidate will be notified by the Certification Director via email if they passed or failed.

Candidates that pass will be able to move forward to the next two parts.

If you pass please signup and pay for your testing spot at least 2 weeks prior to testing.