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The EDPA Certification Testing is held at the Annual EDPA Conference in Katy, Texas.

Deadline for Pre-Certification is September 1, of the current year. 

Certification Test Guidelines

After completion and approval of the EDPA Pre-certification Evaluation, an applicant may apply for the EDPA Equine Dental Provider Certification. The Certification Test will be held annually. Texas resident applicants have first option for certification testing within the deadline set by EDPA.

The Applicant must register for the EDPA Certification Test and pay the applicable fee by EDPA posted deadline to be eligible to test in the same year.  

* EDPA Member Fee- $500.00

* Non- Member Fee- $650.00

Applicants for Equine Dental Provider (EDP) Certification must pass a written exam and a practical exam for EDPA Certification.

EDPA Written Test Resources and Study Guide,

EDPA Certification Test Guidelines

The EDPA Certification Written Test will include questions regarding the following

1. Anatomy, including musculoskeletal structures, organs of the head and neck

2. Tooth anatomy and morphology

3. Diseases that show up in the mouth so that an  (EDP) would know when to refuse to treat and send the case to a vet.

4. Knowledge of tools, function and hazards of equipment and instrumentation used in tooth floating

5. Potential harm and side effects caused by tooth floating, and possible results of poor tooth floating technique.

6. Disease control and sterilization of equipment

7. The limits of the scope of practice for an EDP, including the use of sedation, the requirement of veterinary supervision, and ensuring that a proper veterinary-client-patient relationship is established and maintained

8. Universal terminology

9. Texas law

10. Documentation- Charting

 The applicant has one hour to complete the test and must pass the written test with 90% or above before eligible to move on to the EDPA Practical Exam.

*If the applicant fails the written test, the applicant has the opportunity to retake the test the following year (and only the following year) without additional cost.