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Become Certified

Our primary goal is to promote qualified care through proper techniques, resources and continuing education for the betterment and health of the horse.

EDPA Certification

The EDPA Certification is a Texas State Veterinary Board approved testing process in order to verify a provider’s knowledge and skill of practicing equine dentistry. Before becoming licensed in Texas, applicants who pass Certification may then apply for the state licensing exam. The state licensing exam includes jurisprudence questions related to the Veterinary Licensing Act (laws), and Licensing Rules (Chapter 571) and Rules of Professional Conduct (Chapter 573). The EDPA Certification is also approved by Oklahoma and Minnesota State Veterinary Boards.

The EDPA Certification is a 3- step process. First an applicant must pass Pre-Certification. The pre-requisites include a “Certificate of Completion” in fields of equine/animal education either as an undergraduate or graduate school, technical school, continuing education, other equine dentistry courses or an apprenticeship under an EDPA Certified Equine Dental Provider or licensed Veterinarian. Then the applicant must submit 4 Case Studies of routine dental maintenance performed and evaluated under the direct supervision of a licensed DVM. These case studies must be submitted with before and after photographs, dental charts and Supervising Vet Evaluation Form. All applications are reviewed and approved or denied by a panel of Certified Equine Dental Providers and Licensed Veterinarians in order to move forward with Certification Testing.

Second, an applicant must pass a Written Exam covering Equine Dental Anatomy, Terminology, Documentation and Charting, Diseases and Disease Control, Tools and Equipment Use and Safety, and Laws associated with the scope of practice.

Third, after passing the written exam, an applicant is then eligible to take a Practical Exam. This practice is similar to a university-style test. The Applicant will be required to evaluate 5 equine skulls. Each applicant will have 25 minutes per skull to complete proper charting, assessment of malocclusions and conditions, describe the approach and procedures to address conditions, describe proper tools used to do such, and then document aftercare and recommendations.

After successfully passing all 3 steps (below), an applicant is then considered to be an EDPA Certified Equine Dental Provider and may apply to the State for licensure. Please see the Pre-Certification Checklist & tabs below for more info on each step or contact us for further assistance.