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Habitat For Horses

Address6060 Habitat for Horses Lane Alvin, TX

About Habitat For Horses

habitat for Horses is a non-profit equine protection agency committed to the prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of neglected, abused, and homeless equine. While being responsive to calls for assistance from law enforcement, the organization maintains a leadership role in horse protection issues and assists in setting the standards for all equine facilities throughout the US.


The purpose of Habitat for Horses Inc. is

  • To promote and secure the safety, well-being, and health of horses.
  • To encourage education concerning the physical and mental health of horses
  • To utilize horses in the growth and mental health of humans, either adult or children, through education, demonstration, and connection.
  • To study, promote, and enhance the proper training of horses through positive training techniques.
  • To provide a home for those horses who are no longer able to be productive.
  • To return to health, if possible, those owned horses that are deemed sick or injured.