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Boones Little Buckeroo

1978-2011 AMHA/AMHR/IMHR

* World famous -undefeated 3 Time World Grand Champion Senior Stallion

* 4 time World Grand Champion Get of Sire

* Sire and Grandsire to more World and National Champions than any other stallion in Miniature Horse History.

* Breyer Horse Model for the American Miniature Horse.

Carl Mitz began seeing Buckeroo in 1993 when Buckeroo was already in his teens. If it wasn’t for Carl’s dedication to understanding this small equine breed, extensive care and compassion, Buckeroo would have never lived to see his 32 years nor would he have produced more than 400 foals in the miniature horse breed. We thank him for extending our time with this one of a kind stallion!