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Lance Rubin – Certified


Lance Rubin is a certified equine dental provider who has been practicing equine dentistry since 1983. He has apprenticed and mentored several equine dental providers and veterinarians with an interest in equine dentistry. Lance has been instrumental in advancing the equine industry and standard of care for the horse by participating in equine dental research and instrumentation development. He has co-authored an article on rostral profiling and lectures at various colleges and equine organizations on proper equine dentistry and preventive maintenance throughout the horse’s lifespan. Lance also volunteers his time performing dentistry at several horse rescue centers in Illinois. He was a member since the inception of the IAED including one of the first certifying members, a board member, head examiner, certification director, and conference planner. Lance continues to advance the equine dental profession forward thru the Equine Dental Providers of America, promoting quality equine dentistry and education. He practices throughout the Midwest. Lance performs full service dentistry from basic to advanced services as needed to maintain proper dental health.