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Omega Horse Rescue


Omega Horse Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue organization committed to providing humane treatment for all equine through education, research, and quality care. Omega strives to find nurturing homes for as many equines as financially feasible. We are dedicated to rehabilitating these animals for a second chance for a healthy, productive life. Our team advocates for the neglected, those left at auctions or donated to Omega. Our mission remains clear and constant:
• Educate horse owners on the actual responsibilities involved in equine care.
• Legislate for the humane treatment of horses everywhere.
• Find appropriate homes for unwanted, abused, or neglected equines.


The founders have been actively involved with horse rescue for over 40 years but did not become a non-profit organization until 1997. Kelly Young Smith, Director of the Rescue, has witnessed firsthand the atrocities that equines all too often endure. She works tirelessly to save lives and give these wounded souls a chance for their freedom ride. Today, with more than 100 horses annually going through our gates we are well on the way toward creating a better existence for equine everywhere. However, not all of our horses are victims of abuse and neglect or are aged and unhealthy. any animals are donated to the Rescue by owners no longer able to provide appropriate care for their animals and want them to have a good home.

Omega Horse Rescue
Address8272 Woodbine Road Airville, PA 17302Phone717-862-3322Websitehttps://omegahorserescue.comShare
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