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T&D Donkey Rescue

Address500 NW 110th Ln Liberal, Missouri 64762Phone417-214-9010Emailtddonkeyrescue@gmail.comWebsitetddonkeyrescueinc.orgShare

About T&D Donkey Rescue

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Here at T&D Donkey Rescue, the donkeys can begin to heal physically and psychologically. They learn to trust again and yet teach us about forgiveness


Here at T&D Donkey Rescue, Inc, our mission is dedicated to at-risk, neglected, abandoned, and abused donkeys. We provide each with medical attention to address any immediate physical needs, ongoing veterinary care, and farrier care. If a donkey can not be rehabilitated, physically or psychologically, they will live at the rescue as long as they are comfortably able. Working closely with our veterinarians, equine chiropractor, and farriers, we make decisions based on what is best for every donkey and the rescue. Our donkeys live in a natural environment and in herds that are honored and protected.

While adoption is not our main focus select donkeys will be available for adoption under contract to the right home. By providing educational opportunities that increase awareness of the horrific conditions that many donkeys endure, as well as the specific needs of donkeys, we strive to reduce future cruelties through this awareness.