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Personal Ponies


Since 1986, Personal Ponies’ primary mission has been to bring MAGIC into people’s-especially children’s lives; to bring smiles and joy in a most unusual way. We believe (and we’ve seen it happen
over and over again!) that the lives of anyone with special needs are immeasurably enriched by connecting with a small equine companion in a “Personal” way- so this is what we do! Our ponies
are uniquely suited in temperament and size to small children, folks in wheelchairs, hospital rooms, veteran centers, senior centers, or anyone who would enjoy interacting with a smaller equine in a more “intimate” manner – eye to eye!

Therapy Center Placements

We place our ponies in therapeutic centers or with individuals who deliver service programs in their communities. Through these centers, our UK Shetlands support a wide variety of programs,
ranging from Fund Raising to Hospital visits.

Personal Ponies
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